Our Lunch and Dinner Buffets are Back!

Our famous Taj of Marin Lunch Buffet is back… in a box! On top of that, we now offer a Dinner Buffet Box. Call Taj at (415) 459-9555 or simply stop by and get a buffet box to go.

Taj has plenty of Buffet Box options:

Lunch Buffet Box:
All the delicious lunch buffet prepared for you in a take-out box.
Choose 5 items! You’ll get a choice of meat and/or veggies or you can just ask for chef’s choice.
It also comes with Indian naan bread and a drink!

Dinner Buffet Box:
Now we even offer a Buffet Box for dinner!
Choose 7 items! Meat lovers can enjoy some meat from our Tandoori grill.
Veggie lovers will enjoy assorted veggies.
Each Buffet Box comes with Indian naan bread and a drink

Don’t forget to purchase our gift cards too! It is available for any amount you like.

Buffet Box